What Are The Essential Moroccan Furniture Pieces For 2015? February 25 2015, 0 Comments

Trends can be hard to keep up with. Every year we will always see a slight change in what’s trending in all furniture and décor designs, and at Kasbah Moroccan Imports we've got you covered.



Moroccan furniture is not exempt from such trends but rather than focusing on the individual patterns and designs themselves - there are four pieces of Moroccan furniture and Décor that is absolutely essential in 2015 and for many more years to come.


We often get asked from those people just starting out on their Moroccan furniture styling journey what they should focus on first when it comes to re-styling their property or rooms and we definitely believe it’s definitely the following.

Pillows & Cushions

Moroccan Pillows & Cushions are definitely one of our favourite types of pieces that can be utilized when approaching your home in a Moroccan styling.


They’re just so versatile, can be used in almost every room, maybe not a bathroom or kitchen but other than that you will never go wrong.

Imagine your lounge room at current and possibly just sitting there with the basic pastille coloured pillows you may have at the moment… you’re probably bored of them but they’re the reason your couch looks as good as it does.

Now imagine that exact same couch with brand new Moroccan styled pillows and cushions. You’re in love and you feel like you have a brand new couch. It’s this reason why we think of them as the number 1 essential in 2015.

Mosaic Tiles

hese ones may just be slightly more permanent then the above pillows and cushions scenario but if you want the true Moroccan styled property then your tiling is going to change.

With the amazing designs and colours available on the market today there is something for everyone, ranging from the Farangha Tile design all the way to the Moorish tile, you won’t go wrong.


Coffee Tables

Ah, Coffee Tables. The Center piece of the family lounge room, whether it be surrounded by a television or just a few chairs for chats with family and friends. 

A Moroccan style Coffee Table will be an absolute conversation starter with every new guest that comes through your door, we mean really, how could anyone ignore so much colour, design and vibrance in a table… they wont.

Plates & Bowls

While some of you out there may only consider plates & bowls as utensils to eat out of, they definitely do make great decorator pieces. Whether you choose to buy a full set or a few one off pieces to have on display on your shelves, Moroccan styled plates & bowls know how to make a room pop almost as much as a coffee table, almost.

What Will It Be For You?

Now that you know the essential items for Moroccan styling in 2015 what will you be displaying throughout your home? If you need help choosing the perfect one or combination, get in-touch with Kasbah Imports today to let us help make the decision as easy as possible