Why Mosaic Tiles Will Complete Your Home February 06 2015, 0 Comments

Mosaic and Tiles - they just go together. 

It’s the perfect combination of art and practicality mixed with a little bit of self-expression. Our favourite part of the Mosaic style is that there is undeniably something out there for everyone no matter how vivid and wild or subtle their style may be.

In our previous article “What Are The Essential Moroccan Furniture Pieces For 2015” we named Mosaic Tables as one of those four. We'd like to extend that invite to Mosaic Tiles, bowls and plates. 

If you're still sitting on the fence about a Mosaic purchase, let's elaborate to see if we can convince you to take the plunge. 

With that said here are three reasons why you can’t be without a mosaic table in your Moroccan styled home!

1. Looks Good All Year Round

Surely this one speaks for itself.

If you’ve ever browsed the catalogues of interior inspiration or even gone onto one of the many sharing sites for interior decoration like houzz.com, pinterest.com, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the amazing variety of mosaic tables that are on offer in the market.


What you may not have really registered though is how beautiful those tables look each and every time. No matter if it’s winter, summer or even spring, those colours and patterns will outshine every piece in your living room without fail.

Not convinced yet?

2. More Than Just A Décor Piece, They’re actually Useful

Lets face it, while a lot of people love interior design purely for the “design” portion and enjoyment they get out of creating art with furniture and décor, it’s considerably more than that.


After all, it is furniture at the end of the day. So while your Mosaic table will look amazing all year round it will also cause great function for your day-to-day life all year round too.

They’re Versatile, Let us Elaborate

Versatility is not something often found in furniture, more so speciality items. They’re versatile in the sense of being décor, art and a piece of furniture… they’re also versatile in the sense they’re not limited to one type of use.

A mosaic table is not limited to being just a coffee table, or side table.


A mosaic table can be used in your outdoor areas, your garden furniture or even your bathroom if styled correctly. It’s not a “one-size fits all” kind of solution but it’s pretty close and that is something a lot of furniture pieces are not able to do.


Surely, You’re Convinced…

If our first article wasn’t enough, surely after reading and taking notes from these three great reasons to why a mosaic table is necessary to complete you Moroccan styled home, you’ll already have a few possible purchases in mind.


If you need any more tips, advice or are looking to buy your next mosaic table, get in-touch with Kasbah Imports today and we’ll assist with anything you may need.