Morocco in Melbourne - An Experts Guide! #longread

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Morocco in Melbourne - An Experts Guide! #longread
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Have you ever wanted to visit Morocco but simply don’t have the chance? Are you desperate to haggle through the bazaars of Fez or Marrakesh in search of the ultimate bargain? Have you pictured yourself on a desert trek through the Sahara, resting upon a camel, a luxurious feast awaiting you at your destination- a bedouin tent decked out in glorious fabrics, tables laden with food and sweet, mint tea awaiting you after your arduous journey in the style of Sex in the City? Do you crave the culinary delights of Morocco, but not game enough to try cooking a tagine yourself? Or perhaps a relaxing spa in a traditional bath house is what you’re craving or missing from Morocco…




Well, it may be impossible to get to Morocco now but Melbourne is host to many wonderful and authentic Moroccan delights that are right here at your fingertips. The next best thing to travelling to Morocco is to experience the best of what Morocco has to offer but right here in your home town. We have a list of things to experience and foods to delight in. It may not be the same as partaking in the traditional experience in the magical country of Morocco but this list can certainly fill a gap and satisfy a craving until you actually make it there in person.


Definitely worth visiting while you’re in Melbourne are the following:


Sahara Melbourne

Level 1, 301 Swanston St Melbourne

PH 9663 8477


If you want the ultimate, Moroccan dining experience in Melbourne then this is the ‘IT’ place to visit. Indulge in a shisha pipe while dining on delicious, traditional, Moroccan tagines and other delights. Sahara features a multi level complex with live entertainment, delicious cocktails and several dining areas including a stunning, rooftop terrace. With a magnificent view of the city, exotic Moroccan décor and a warm, inviting atmosphere you will not be disappointed by your Sahara experience.



Moroccan Soup Bar

183 St Georges Road Fitzroy North

PH 9482 4240


Simple décor, unfussy surrounds yet so warm and inviting, the Moroccan Soup Bar is the vegetarian’s dream place to dine in. There is no written menu- your waiter will verbally inform you of the seasonal choices available to choose from or simply leave it up to them to bring you what they think are the best dishes of the day-. They will not disappoint. All of their food is so warm and comforting- you must try their famous Chickpea, pita and yoghurt bake. It is a taste sensation!


Spa De Marrakech

14 Mountain Crescent Montrose

PH 9737 0413


For your authentic, Moroccan Spa treatment go no further than the Spa De Marrakech. A little drive out of Melbourne and you will be transported to a paradise of tranquillity and relaxation. Enjoy any treatment of your choice, as well as a soak in a Roman bath house followed by a sumptuous Moroccan meal if you choose. Accommodation is available as well.


Mofo/Moroccan Lounge

157 Greville Street Prahran

PH 0419 902 920



Boasting two Moroccan inspired areas, this is the perfect venue to host a party or celebration. With authentic, Moroccan décor you will feel like you’ve been transported to a dreamy bar akin to those found in the city of Marrakesh. Mofo Lounge brings the nightlife of Morocco alive, right here in your local neighbourhood and can cater for small, intimate gatherings or larger parties, 7 days a week!




Ph 03 9415 7183 Head Office


Think of Gewurzhaus as your one stop shop for delicious spices, salts, teas and so much more. Worth trying is their Moroccan mint tea, their authentic spice blends and why not immerse yourself in a cooking class while you’re there? Their Moroccan cooking demonstrations go for 2.5 hours and teach you to make authentic, Moroccan dishes such as a spiced, chicken tagine, fresh salads and a decadent fig dessert to finish. You will learn so much about Moroccan food when you visit Gewurzhaus and you will enjoy the fruits of your labour, eating these delicious dished at the end of the class. Gewurzhaus has stores around Melbourne and Sydney so visit their website or call head office for further information.



The Spice Market

Beaney Lane, Melbourne 3000

Ph 03 9660 3777


Inspired by the ancient spice routes, The Spice Market is an exclusive bar and cocktail lounge, styled in opulent, beautiful Asian and Middle Eastern inspired décor.  The Spice Market features private lounge areas for when relaxing with friends and can cater for private functions, both small and intimate or sizeable celebrations. A mezze style menu is available for snacks to have with your delicious cocktails and when drinking, celebrating and relaxing with friends at The Spice Market you will truly feel as though you’ve been transported into another world!



With all that said and done.. don’t forget to visit our showroom in Brighton! With years of walking through Moroccan markets and stores, we have tried our best to emulate the ambiance, the only thing we can’t escape is our Australian accents.


The Author of this Blog is our resident aficionado, Nicki.  She’s pretty awesome and doesn’t know I’ve added this to the blog, so make sure you surprise her in store by asking for Nicki!