Lantern Vibes, From Morocco With Love

By Dynamo Engineering
Lantern Vibes, From Morocco With Love
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The most stunning and iconic representation of Moroccan art and craftsmanship has to be the Moroccan lantern. Seen in the thousands throughout Morocco’s Souks, craft villages, every home, restaurant and Riyadh across Morocco they are truly a work of art and a must have for that magical touch of Morocco brought into your own home.


Ancient techniques centuries old are utilised in the production of each lantern, lamp, pendant light, wall sconce or chandelier and depending on the size and intricacy of your chosen piece can take months to produce. They are entirely created by hand using a myriad of materials, colours, and designs and its beauty will truly be appreciated once hanging in your home. The Moroccan craftsmen skilfully transform a design on paper into the most awe inspiring piece to add a romantic glow and an ambient feel to your surroundings. If you’ve ever really wondered how something as beautiful and intricate as a Moroccan lantern can be made by hand or questioned its authenticity, we’ve included a link so that you don’t have to take our word for it! Until you see it you can’t really believe the skill that goes into making these beauties so here is a small video to whet your appetite-


As you can see, each part of the lantern making process is performed entirely by hand. A traditional design featuring geometric, floral and Arabic pattern is meticulously drawn and transferred on to the metal of your choice- either brass, nickel based alloy or bronze sheets. They are then hand cut using tiny hand saws, designs etched with chisels and hammers for a perfect, uniform result. Once each panel’s designs have been hand cut they will be soldered together, have the glass panels inserted and finishing touches added such as decorative bases, hanging chains and door hinges. The fragile glass panels used for these stunning pieces include bold, jewelled colours such as amber, red, blue and green as well as clear or white frosted glass. The glass sheets are either hand painted or the more expensive “Iraqi” glass is used- where the glass sheets are coloured in the manufacture process. These colours are bolder and cannot peel off over time.


Your lighting choice will determine the ambience created in your living space. If you choose to go for a Moroccan lantern that features larger, glass panels, particularly clear glass then you will have a greater light source and magical colour reflection around the ceiling and walls. If you choose a lantern made of cut out metal panels, it will produce a more subtle, ambient light but the reflected pattern will be that of a dream. Stunning patterns will be cast above and will create a lighting effect that has to be seen to be believed! Your chosen lantern can either be attached to a chain hanging from a ceiling rose, dangling above a bedside table or perched delicately upon a charming iron, lantern stand in the corner of your living room. The Moroccan craftsmen have their finger on the pulse of popular styles and modern tastes as well so if you want to have a Moroccan lantern to light up your home from small to giant, traditional to contemporary, simple in design or as grand as a chandelier fit for a palace, then there is a lantern out there for you.


The only hard part is choosing just one!