Unlock Your Homes Moroccan Potential With Ceramic Wall Tiles – We Tell You How

By Dynamo Engineering
Unlock Your Homes Moroccan Potential With Ceramic Wall Tiles – We Tell You How
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Turning your home into a Moroccan dream is generally something that will not happen overnight.

The love and the passion that comes with adopting the Moroccan culture and styling may happen quite quickly and with a few furniture upgrades throughout the house, you’ll definitely feel like your home is on it’s way to becoming that Moroccan safe-haven that you’ve dreamt of.

But know this, your home will never reach it’s full Moroccan style potential until you start to utilise ceramic wall tiles all around the house and truly; truly, adopt the classic Moroccan style. Of course though, this raises the number one question - where should you best use your Moroccan ceramic wall tiles within your home?

While it’s going to be one of opinion for some, we best believe there are four key rooms that will assist you in bringing your Moroccan dreams to life.


The Kitchen

The kitchen.

The room that makes and sells houses, the room where culinary dreams begin and the room that you can be almost sure to frequent day in and day out.

The kitchen for many is generally already quite a focal point of your home so you may be thinking what could actually make it better?  Moroccan ceramic wall tiles of course!

The ornate tile design is a great place to start for those looking into ease into the Moroccan style if there’s such a phrase and can create a stunning looking splash back below your range-hood and cupboards.


The Bathroom

Another room that deserves your Moroccan attention is of course, your bathroom.


It’s shouldn’t be a secret to any of you that historically your bathrooms are heavily tiled so what better way to bring this area to life than with some beautiful Moroccan patterned ceramic wall tiles.

A design as simple and beautiful as our Granada Tiles could be a great way to start re-decorating your bathroom, especially if you’ve already started adding a Moroccan touch to your master bedroom; this is a great way to continue the look into your ensuite.


The Laundry

The final room that we believe will help bring your house to it’s full Moroccan potential is your laundry room.


We saved this one for last because while laundry is a necessity in our lives, it’s not exactly the most exciting room to take your friends and family through.


But once you’ve started your Moroccan tiling adventure in your kitchen and bathrooms, it becomes the logical choice to finish the job off properly and to style your laundry too.


Even The Floors

Bonus Tip: Even your floors can look great with Moroccan tiling.

We won’t necessarily recommend that you use ceramic wall tiles as more likely than not you will require a bigger tile for your floors but Moroccan tiling patterns can look amazing on the floors of your home if executed properly.

Like anything, if done incorrectly can look disastrous so be sure to talk to a Moroccan tiling expert before commencing such a project.


Are You Ready To Take Your Home To It’s Moroccan Potential?

You can now be confident in knowing exactly where and what it takes to bring your home to its full Moroccan styling potential.

If you have more queries before making your purchases don’t hesitate to get in-touch with Kasbah today for all your Moroccan questions - we’re always more than happy to help.